Saturday, July 27, 2019

Talk about philosophies and theories behind entrepreneurial behavior Essay

Talk about philosophies and theories behind entrepreneurial behavior - Essay Example Organization is very significant since it permits coordination between all other aspects vital in production (Marshal, 1994). The chosen entrepreneur plans and manages his firm from all-organizational and product delivery aspects. When he gets a chance to design an intricate website, he hires interim web designers to work on the job as he looks for other business opportunities. The entrepreneur has the tenet of not getting any money before the project is completed. Through innovation and organized manner, the entrepreneur establishes a new commodity and product enhancement. The business strategy of developing a long-term commodity seems to be viable for the entrepreneur (Marshal, 1994). In order to attain long-term commodity, he must comprehend the product in details. Further, need to predict transformations in product demands in the market. In addition, he needs to have full information about the risky environment that the product might operate. From the author’s findings, it is clear that the entrepreneur is working on improvement of the website by including new technology such as three dimensions. If this technology is implemented, it will create increased demand and in turn, he will develop a reputation of being the first Omani pioneer organization to use three-dimension technology. In reference to the Marshal theory, which asserts that skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship are infrequent and limited, he also maintains that a few people can show such skills in practical. Despite this people can undergo training to achieve these skills and knowledge but it is always reliant on business environment and economic condition. The demand for three-dimension technology is on the rise in Omani but due to lack of resources, the technology has not been fully implemented. Despite this several academic institutions offers courses on web design, which increases people knowledge about the technology. In reference

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