Thursday, July 25, 2019

Media Coverage of War Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Media Coverage of War - Research Proposal Example It is timely because it is based on the recent developments more precisely the Iraq war and it is argumentative because it has several perspectives of the same. The misperceptions of media reporting in Iraq war are immensely contested, and numerous studies have found that there were rampant instances of misreporting with the aim of winning support for the war (Blue Water Media 1). Cases have been reported of journalists being embedded with soldiers who intensified biased reporting. The proposed study endeavors to answer the established research question that will illuminate on the selected topic regarding media coverage of war with particular focus on the Iraq war. As a result, for purposes of the study the main research question has been developed that will guide the whole process of the suggested study. The main research question established is The proposed study will henceforth focus on the thorough evaluation of the above questions in guiding the process of research. The processes and activities of the suggested study will be based on the endeavor to reply to the above questions. The proposed study on media coverage of war will be organized in a systematic manner and will involve several activities. Initially, a general overview of the subject will be sought whereby existing information on the topic will be evaluated. A thorough background of the study will be sought which will be followed by the collection of data that will form the basic procedure of the study. Several sources will be applied in the process of conducting the suggested study. The sources to be used will be of two categories, primary and secondary sources. Primary sources will be crucial in developing the original flavor of the research. Primary sources represent original research, which relies on new methods of finding data. Secondary sources, on the other hand, will be pivotal in exploring existing data from completed research and surveys that will

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