Friday, July 26, 2019

Fulfilling the promise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fulfilling the promise - Essay Example eve through various ways, and I will strongly agree to the fact that America has made a wide progress towards achieving â€Å"The Promise of America Life†. â€Å"Organized labor had never been more powerful than at the end of World War II. Cold War page 798† â€Å"A knowledge of history is, in addition, a means of strength. (John F. Kennedy paragraph 7, line 1), we realize that this led to the increment of in the number of women workforce in 1953 as well as the increment of job opportunity. During this period, America improved their civil and voting rights. American democracy was reshaped thrusting the federal government more deeply into economic and social life. America experienced the Atomic Age as well as the communist period, thus the country tried to fight against the communist in the state. â€Å"During the social, political, and military crisis of the 1960s, Americans had largely taken the economy for granted. Living with Less (page 880).† This was all brought by failing of businesses, government and economists, multinational giant strategies combined to weaken the foundation prosperity. â€Å"†¦.United states began as an underdeveloped nation which seized its independence by carrying out a successful revolution†¦ (John F. Kennedy paragraph 6 line 3).† The shortage oil spread well beyond gas stations, truck drivers blockaded highways to protest the high cost of fuels and low speed limits, and this challenged the state and thus contributed to the realization of, The Promise of America Life. â€Å"There is little that is more important for an American citizen to know than the history and traditions of his country† (John F. Kennedy paragraph 1 line 1). The Cold War marked the age of globalization, as the state established regional relations to various countries worldwide and contributed to the development of new communication technologies which sped up the global flow of news, ideas and money through the development of communication satellites. It also saw the

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