Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Review of Pete Zimmer Quartet Prime of Life CD Release Essay

A Review of Pete Zimmer Quartet Prime of Life CD Release - Essay Example The instruments especially the saxophone could be heard clearly all through mainly emphasized the melody. The guitar clearly brought out the rhythm of the musical. The melody, harmony, and rhythm combined to bring a soothing and exiting feeling. The performance was one of the preeminent jazz performances I have attended. This paper focuses on the different aspects incorporated in the performance to bring harmony, mellow and maintain the right rhythm. The stage was gorgeous since it was dimly lit using candles mainly placed at the back at the background were burgundy curtains that gave the stage an amorous feel. However, the stage looked quite small and the band members were positioned close together, which limited their movements. At the back was the band member playing the drum while the rest of the band took positions to form what looked like a rectangular. Two of the band members remained standing while the rest remained seated. Just like most jazz musicals, the music was harmonio usly spacious with a similar chord structure played repeatedly. At the start, the saxophonist played the rhythms to outline the formation of the song (Riggs, 2008). At the far back was Zimmer playing the drum while the rest of the band took positions to form what looked like a rectangular alignment. ... All through the performance, Zimmer played the drum with swings using sticks and brushes, which propelled the rest or the band forward. Bernstein moved from side to side as he plucked the guitar to keep the rhythm of the musical. The music was delicate and swinging with a graceful rhythmic undertow such that though the music lasted long the energy is desirable all through. The song played included â€Å"Carefree,† â€Å"Getting Dizzy,† â€Å"Search,† and Jeremy Pelt.† The â€Å"Prime of Life† was one of the songs played and the title of the CD that Pete Zimmer Quartet was launching. All the songs had an either fast or moderately fast tempo. The song of the day â€Å"The Prime of Life† was played in each of the three sessions. The rhythm or the music had a moderately fast and bouncy tempo with the drumming swinging from elusive to strident style. The rhythm could generally be described as syncopated and quite complex. Just like most jazz musica ls, the rhythm was swingy and irregular. The swings sounded exaggerated creating a forward momentum emphasized by the drum. However, towards the end, the jazz musical was slightly slow and relaxed. The different instruments could be heard playing the same melody but at different rhythms. I can only describe the overall rhythm as somehow tensed with some sense of looseness. The harmony of the jazz musical played could be described as quite racing with short off beats at the end of all phrases. The beats were quite emphasized all through with off beat’s being stronger. The harmony was in one way or another unpredictable, which is a common feature in most jazz music. The sound of the bass helped maintain the harmony. The jazz musical was similar to most jazz performances in aspects pertaining to the rhythm, tempo, as

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