Saturday, October 19, 2019

Read articals and answer in discussion Assignment

Read articals and answer in discussion - Assignment Example Information Systems have the capacity to distinguish the performance of an organization from another. There are areas of information technology that have not been explored and fully exhausted. For example, the area of data mining, artificial intelligence and robotics, decision support system and system automation. In the dynamic business world, there are newly emerging needs of information technology that continues to raise the new needs of information System solutions. For example, the present business world requires real time systems such as mobile applications. The demand for new data communication methodologies is continuously rising and their efficiencies place organizations in different ranks (Dychà © 10). The third rule for IT management is right. IT managers should place more emphasis on the vulnerability as opposed to the opportunities that it offers. There reason for this is that IT already has a guarantee of opportunities, so there is no need of wasting efforts searching for them. Secondly, Information Technology faces unpredictable threats that can be extremely costly. IT systems should be able to take care of information within an organization and guard them from external malicious attacks. There is especially an emerging trend of cyber crime threat against Information System Solutions. This is what should worry an organization. In fact, for as long as the system is exposed to vulnerability, even the opportunities do not serve any purpose to the organization. Information Systems Risk management is an essential function that an organization cannot do without unless it is planning to remain at risk of attacks. The management of an organization must therefore have a method of iden tifying possible risks, their causes and possible controls to put in place to regulate the exposure of sensitive data to external entities. There should be a continuous review of the risks to identify the most critical dangers that the

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