Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Feminist View In Nuclear Discourse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Feminist View In Nuclear Discourse - Essay Example This paper tresses that the use of the feminist perspective and feminist view implies that the discussions of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass discussions has normalised and presented nuclear weapons in the daily vocabulary and discussion of nuclear weapons in the general and everyday sense. The research indicates that gender is a fundamental matter and situation in discussions about nuclear discourse. This is because the role of feminist views and feminist discourse is steeped in the need to break down male domination in the society in order to create a system in which women and children are fairly included. The use of nuclear weapons emerged at a time where men dominated the military terrain and hence, most of the views and ideas relating to nuclear weapons are fundamentally masculine rather than feminist. Therefore, the growth and expansion of nuclear weapons and the nuclear discourse has encompassed numerous conflicts relating to masculine and feminist views. Through the masculinist and feminist discourse, there have been numerous modifications and changes in the systems and processes of viewing and conceiving nuclear weapons. The first aspect is that feminist perspective acts as a general check to views and opinions presented on nuclear weapons. Secondly, feminist consideration for the impact of nuclear weapons on women and children as well as future generations plays a central role in the definition of women in society. Thirdly, the sacredness of military usage for nuclear weapons have been replaced by viewing nuclear weapons from a lighter, entertainment-based method and approach of viewing nuclear weapons.

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