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Effect of the World Wars on Canada Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Effect of the World Wars on Canada - Essay Example Social Impacts of First and Second World War: Canada has been put into form by wars more than anyone could have realized it. The wars created the modern Canada, removing all kinds of traditions and memories of a â€Å"divided national identity†. Attitude of Canadians towards war was based on historical experience (Morton, 1999, pp. ix-x). The First World War had led to overwhelming changes in the social structure of Canada. The sacrifices and compromises that the average Canadians had to make called for new social order intending for emergence of peace. Groups of labor, women, farmers, churches and political parties all had developed their plans and programs for bringing in changes (Guest, 1997, pp. 49-50) Several social reforms were stimulated by the war. Pension issues, healthcare were some areas which were given special attention. In the field of social welfare, the profession of social work emerged out of liberal individualism. However keeping problems of divided jurisdiction at one side, the administrative problems aggravated by federal government’s failure to contribute to costs. Unemployment relief policy was largely developed at the municipal level, resulting in administrative procedures and policies differing from place to place with absence of standards in the level of aids (Guest, 1997, pp.50-85). Thus impacts of the war could be felt. As it can be understood that War and Society has a deep rooted connection and hence greater impacts are bound to occur on the societal issues when such World War affects or impacts countries individually (Keshen & Durflinger, 2007). However, as in the case of Canada, the effects have not been negative completely. The Second World War to o had a reflective effect on the social structure of Canada. The most rigorous crisis of unemployment got ended and the standards of living were raised for a large number of people in Canada. More significantly, the process of â€Å"industrialization† and â€Å"urbanization† progressed with greater rapidity. Production capacity of industries was stretched and superiority and intricacy of industrial processes also increased. The war had an overwhelming effect on the federal government as a whole. It became one of the largest employers of labor. The war saw several women responding to convene of the war and shedding their homemakers’ role to join the labor force. However with respect to Fordist estimates, the white male enjoyed better privileges than the women. Many women from Poland were brought into Canada and they represented the modern and educated women folk of tomorrow. Unemployment of the country decreased, and personal income and provincial income started increasing (Sangster, 2007, p. 472). As the war had ended with a sound financial form, even problems of agricultural surpluses also were removed. There was also a realization among the governments that social services were not only a luxury, but a crucial item in the smooth functioning during wartimes (Guest, 1997, pp.103-104; Francis, Jones, and Smith, 2007). Thus comparing the effects of the two world wars, it can be seen that the Second World War had bigger positive social impacts on the country. Political Impacts of First and Second World War: The political impact of the First World War formed or enlarged some divisions in the community. Before the year 1914, Canadians who resided in the western region of Canada had to consume products by paying much higher prices than those who were living in the country’s central and eastern regions. Price gaps also existed in the provinces that were existent for long times. By the year 1920s, the western and the eastern regions had div ided in terms of prices. According to sources, inflation was prevailing during and after the war, which led to high price ranges on consumable

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