Monday, September 16, 2019

Essay One Description and Narration Essay

Anyone who has ever achieved anything has had to face many obstacles to accomplish their goals. But what defines their success is never how many obstacles stand in their way, but how many obstacles they overcome. Even though I might have to overcome many tough obstacles in order to become a police officer, I believe that it is important to protect the public and prevent crime. In order to gain a position in the police force, I will have to pass various examinations, such as a written exam that will be based on correct wording, grammar, spelling and punctuation. In my opinion, this exam seems pretty easy because I am good in language arts and reading. Perhaps whenever it comes my time to take this examination, I will ace it. The police academy training also prepares police officers for active duty. The training probably has to be the hardest obstacle for me because it requires intense physical workouts. The first week in training I will have to run, and do calisthenics, which consists of push-ups, crunches, and jumping jacks. I will also have to use the medicine ball to do sit-ups, twist and hand offs, curls presses and extended workouts. Each week I will have to do the sets and reps for these physical workouts and each week the exercises double , so I will have to do double the work. Finding the job as a police officer will definitely be the second hardest obstacle. There will be a lot of competition in order for me to get into police training. In the past, becoming a police officer was not as difficult as it is today. One of the  main reasons that getting a police officer jobs is more difficult now, is that there are many more applicants than there used to be. Once I am a police officer, I can move into other areas like drug investigation. If I become a drug investigator I will have to have five or more years of police experience. Police dog services, also known as K9’s is another advancement that I am interested. As K-9 handler I must be able to perform specific tasks with my dog, such as bomb and narcotic detection, human tracking, and finding hidden objects. Or even an explosives disposal technician, which are specialized in training to handle chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons. Out of all these three options, the main one that catches my attention has to be a drug investigator. Hopefully when I have a lot of experience in the police force I can work my way up and become a drug investigator or even a police k-9. It will also be personally gratifying to protect the public.

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