Thursday, September 12, 2019 as one of the largest online retail stores of the world Case Study as one of the largest online retail stores of the world - Case Study Example By, 1996, Amazon became the World’s largest web retailer, earning about $15.6 revenues. After that, they established themselves as renowned online music retailers in the world. Answer 1 Though gets a huge success as world’s most preferred and trusted online book and music retailers, they are facing immense internal as well as external problems from different dimension like huge competition they are facing from the competitors (Dringoli 22). With the growing number of online book retailers and publishers, the competition has become immense among the competitors of online book stores like Amazon. The major competitors of are Barnes & Noble, Random House Inc publisher, etc. Barnes & Noble is considered as the largest competitor of as they have focused on differentiated products. has always believed on customer oriented approach not on the competitor oriented approach. Music stores opening were one of their expansion strategies. T he company always tried to satisfy the customer’s demand by offering them differentiated product. The decision of to go for a retail store depends on the feasibility and market situation analysis. is capable enough to introduce the physical retail store as they have huge scale of operation, strong human resource management (Angerer 27).

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