Monday, August 12, 2019

Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Media - Essay Example In most cases these new forms of media especially the internet makes communication to grow denser, more involving, more complicated, and networked to access the information or facts, more chances to involve public speech and to boast a mutual action by the protestors. It must be noted that technology does not lead into political revolution; but what it does; it offers new potentials and impel new limitations on the actors of politics. It is hard to determine the precise contribution of each kind of the new form of media to every revolution. Notably, there are some forms of media such as the social media which have common in triggering various forms of political revolution like the ones experienced in Egypt and Tunisia. Even as some of the famous political figures make efforts to control the manner in which these forms of media are used, the protestors normally find ways to communicate with the main aim of achieving their objectives that is political revolution. Question Two: Reasons why fewer Hollywood films target mature women compared to other quadrant Hollywood films has for a long time had the tendency to dislike older women in the movie productions. There are some selected reasons why this is the case. Hollywood films are mostly interested in the age of the actors which shows the willingness to sustain or enjoy most of its spectacles. Some of the demography reveals that teenagers and adults have plenty of disposable income while mature adults such as mature women are more cautious in the manner in which they spend their money which is more discerning in their interests. Disposable income might be a big aspect for the Hollywood films or it might not be. Majority of the financially endowed adult women are more willing and able to spend most of their money on all kinds of things which varies from fashion designs and other modern items. Young adult women are more willing to spend quite a large satellite bills given the fact they are in their explorative stage, with little responsibilities to meet which gives them more energy to commit their time toward their careers. Most young women are able to spend most of their time concentrating on their looks and on ways of making their physical looks better. This is contrary to the older women who feel most part of their time must be spent with their families as opposed to extensive travelling and exploration. Hollywood therefore draws their concentration towards the younger women in perfecting their films and boosting their image with beauty and looks. Question Three: Ways in which internet upsets the political economy of communication There are various ways in which the use of internet might upset or disrupt the political economy of communication. One of the common attributes of the internet for political figures might be its apparent uncontrollable feature. The use of internet has been known to render inappropriate the controls and laws of the countries or states and the fundamental quality whe re they can be truthfully be rendered as rights or freedom to expression. The internet is a common platform in attracting the people who have been for a long time considered as voiceless in the past. The various groups on the internet differ from environmentalists and feminists to liberation struggles or right wing

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