Monday, August 26, 2019

Analysis of news presentation of academic research Essay

Analysis of news presentation of academic research - Essay Example However, this is not the case with news research, as there is no particular detailed research undertaken to ascertain the authenticity of the information presented. Two articles, scholarly research and news media research, addressing the same issue, are very different. While the scholarly article reports about the actual study conducted, the news article is a report about the scholarly research report. It is thus less detailed and does not have as much information as the actual article. In view of this, in this paper, I will analyse two articles, both addressing the same issue, mobile phone advertising, will show the differences between the two articles. The article, â€Å"High stroke and heart disease link to living close to airports† is a news media report on the actual journal article, â€Å"Aircraft noise and cardiovascular disease near Heathrow airport in London: small area study† by Hansell,, et al. (2013). The report points the objective of the actual study, with out giving further details. In fact, there is little relationship between the information contained in the news article and the scholarly researcher. The author, using the thesis of the study that there is a positive relationship between aircraft noise and higher rates of stroke and heart diseases, reports on the outcomes of the study. ... from mentioning the study to support his story, the author uses little information, indicating that his was simply a news item with minimal scholarly intentions. The article, â€Å"Aircraft noise and cardiovascular disease near Heathrow airport in London: small area study† is a report by the researchers, Hansell, et al. (2013). The study points out that there is a high likelihood of people living close to airports to develop problems such as the stroke, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. The researchers, in order to prove the hypothesis of their study, conducted an analytic case study on neighbourhoods exposed to varying levels of aircraft noise related to Heathrow airport. The article sought to compare the hospital admission rates for people suffering from cardiovascular disease in this area. Using standard noise metric, the A weighted equivalent (Aeq) sound pressure level; the researchers established the relationship between people’s exposure to airpl ane noise and the increased risk of suffering from these diseases. The researchers, using a qualitative research technique, carried out an analysis comprising of 12 London boroughs and nine districts west of London. These were the groups with a high risk of exposure to noise emanating from Heathrow airport. For an article to qualify as a scholarly article, a research methodology should support the assertions made by the author. There are two main methods used in research, i.e. qualitative and quantitative, which researchers use while conducting their research, most significantly on data collection. According to Creswell (2003), qualitative research method (traditionally used in social sciences, but currently applied on market research) aims at gathering adequate information about an issue or an

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