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Question: Discuss About The Introducing English Medieval Book History? Answer: Introducation Brand equity, mass marketing, market share, logo design, margins, customers acknowledgement, visual aspects, brand awareness, brand association, brand commitment. Brand identity, consumers, brand image, company, individual, brand vision, brand culture, relationships, discussions, marketplace. Brand image, brand name, companys image, motto, marketing, public relations, branded items, design, customers state of mind, essence Brand positioning, advantages, positioning technique, competitive diversity, brand information, powerful action, brand technique, resemblance, brand worth, unique. Zara is one of my favourite brand and it is one of the biggest company in the fashion industry. The intangible value of Zaras brand equity is defined by Aaker model. These model incorporates the different elements such as brand awareness, perceived quality, brand loyalty, brand association as well as other brand association. The vision of the company is to become a leader in the textile industry. The brand equity measurement will be proposed in such a way that it will incorporate Aaker model to measure the different tangible aspects of the brand. The brand equity measurement system will focus on certain key features that will affect Zara within the fashion industry. The basis of the brand equity measurement is that it is suitable for the performance of the company that is operating within the fashion industry. Zara is one of the leading fashion brand and as a result it has the highest brand awareness among the consumers. This measure also positively increases the brand equity of the company. Zaras design approach to design is linked to the customers. Usage based positioning strategies is used by Zara and thus it highlights the customer centric approach to satisfy the needs of the customers. According to the report of Guardian, the market share of Zara is 1.5% in the UK market. The highly responsive and unique supply chain makes Zara at the forefront in the fashion industry. The company has made stringent commitment towards Global standards of quality and thus it is growing over the last decade. The technical perfection, innovative impacts and the quality standards of the company is unique. Zara is trying to improve in the provision of products and services to the customers by enhancing customer satisfaction and on time delivery of the products. Therefore, it can be said that company will able to meet the needs of the consumers and it must take sustainable initiatives that are targeted towards the customers. Match these words with the meanings below: Launch d. The introduction of a product to the market Lifecycle e. The introduction of a product to the market Range a. The set of products made by a company Placement c. When products are used in films or TV programs Endorsement b. The use of a well-known person to advertise products Business Vocabulary Building on Grammar in-context My summer holidays are often a little boring, but my summer holiday last year was great my family and I got onto an airplane and flew to Vancouver! It was our first time to visit Canada. We got up very early almost every day and did lots of really fun and interesting things. On our first day, we visited Stanley Park and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Later in the week, we visited some museums and then got on a special boat to watch whales. It was fantastic! I took lots of photos. Of course, we also visited our cousins who live in Vancouver. One evening, they had a barbeque and we ate at their home. After we finished, we invited them to come to our home one day. Unfortunately, we didnt swim in the ocean because the water was too cold, but we did do many other fun things. Finally, after two weeks, before we left Vancouver, my family and I went shopping and bought lots of souvenirs to help us remember our time in Canada. Maybe we can travel again during my next summer holiday. Maybe we can plan to visit Japan or Brazil! Reading Comprehension The article is about the holiday of a family in Vancouver. The person has travelled with his family. False He took photos of the whales in the boat. The word their refers to the relatives of the person. One evening, they visited their relatives home and enjoyed the barbeque party. He described the shopping as a souvenir. True Narrative Writing Travelling has given me many memories and experiences which I can always cherish and look back. For people like me, travelling will bring back equilibrium when life at home becomes too hectic and stressful. It can be said that travelling with the right people and partner will help me to gather better experiences and make my holiday better. My most memorable experience was my trip to Paris in August 2017. It was one of the unforgettable experience that I had spent with my family in one of my recent trip. We had spent a great time together and it was my sisters first visit to European country. The food, sights and the quality time we spent will always remain special and memorable to us. I was anxious and confused and I approached people who passed by. I have enjoyed to the fullest in this trip and also saw many beautiful spots and tourist places in Paris. I saw the famous Eiffel Tower and the famous museum i.e. Musee de Lovre which is one of the largest museum in the world. I also spent an entire day in exploring more than 35,000 treasures that includes the renowned painting of Mona Lisa and the statue of Venus de Milo. I was fascinated when I saw the Palais Garnier, that is in the Opera house of Paris. I parked my car in the small roadway behind the Opera House. When I reached the main road, I found an underground station that displayed the word Metropolitan. I did not notice the name of the street and I considered that the stations name that was nearby would be adequate for me to park my car. After visiting the Opera House, we walked back to find our car. It was difficult for me to locate the Metropolitan sign and realized that it was difficult to find out the correct street. I realized my mistake and understood that the Metropolitan sign was available in all stations in Paris. I wondered how I would get my car back. It was thus a miracle and thus I managed to find my car, References Coleman, J., 2015. 15.09. 23, Hanna, Introducing English Medieval Book History.The Medieval Review. Williams, S., 2014. Oxford learner's dictionary of academic English [Book Review].English Australia Journal,30(1), p.94

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